Competition-Introduction Certification Process

To become Competition - Introduction Certified, a coach must complete the following:

Coach Portfolio:

  1. Submit Softball Canada Regional Coach Portfolio to Softball BC’s Program Coordinator and pay the fee of $150 to Softball BC.

On-Field Evaluation:

  1. An on-field evaluation with Softball BC Evaluator is scheduled 
  2. Complete and submit a Practice Plan and Section A to the Evaluator prior to scheduled on-field evaluation.
  3. Receive an On-field Evaluation from Softball BC Evaluator


  1. Follow up with the Program Coordinator to confirm all documents were received and the event was approved in The Locker by Softball BC, Softball Canada, and the Coaching Association of Canada.


Downloadable Content and Links:

  1. Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation - Competition - Introduction
  2. Competition Introduction Pathway 
  3. Competition-Introduction Coach Portfolio
  4. Comp-Intro Evaluation Observation Kit
  5. Video-Protocol_Softball_Intro_Evaluations

Please contact Joni Frei  if you would like to become Competition - Introduction Certified or if you have any questions concerning the process outlined above!

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