2017 Softball BC AGM Highlights

The following By-Laws, Articles and/or rules have been edited based on motions carried at the 2017 Softball BC Annual General Meeting.

For a complete review of the changes from the 2017 AGM please refer to the 2017 AGM Minutes.

By-Law or Article

Change to By-Law or Article

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Constitution of the British Columbia Amateur Softball Association

Changes made to the by-law all Softball BC to transition to meet compliance requirements of the British Columbia Society Act. Updates were done to by-laws to define member and board responsibilities and authority.

All groups/members of Softball BC.

Key Areas: Advisory Councils or Committees will be formed for Minors, Adults and Umpires. The councils will have Terms of Reference approved by the voting delegates’ discipline by way of ordinary resolution. For clarity, Minor Delegates will vote on the approval of Terms of Reference applicable to the Minors.

Part 4 – Directors and Officers – changed to ensure the Board of Directors is transparent in providing reasons why a recommendation has not been approved, and to give the advisory councils or committees reasonable opportunity to either clarify or amend the proposal. The advisory council will further have the option of presenting the information in person or electronically to the Board.

Part 8 – Fiscal Year end remains at April 30

Part 8.9 – changed to provide the membership access to the minutes and resolutions from the Board of Director’s meetings, thereby creating greater transparency of proceedings.

Rick Benson

Article 12.3 a) iii)

Approved Minor Apprentice Coach on roster

To encourage our minor players to give back to the game by sharing their enjoyment and knowledge of the sport. Minor Apprenticeship Coaches are paired with an Approved Mentor Coach who meets the NCCP requirements of the team they are coaching for the season.

Both coaches are approved through the Director of Coaching and the Minor Director. They will be given a letter granting the Minor Apprenticeship Coach permission to attend all functions of a Head Coach including District Championships and Pre-Provincial meetings.

 Katrina Bull

 Joni Frei

Article 12.3 a) iv)

Minor Final Registration Deadline

Dates changed to reflect the online deadline for ‘A’ teams and all other categories.

Online deadline for ‘A’ team registration and Executive roster to be uploaded and marked as confirmed by the Registrar shall be April 1 of the current year with all payments due as specified on the Softball BC invoice.

Online deadlines for all other minor team registration including Executive rosters to be uploaded and marked as confirmed by the registrar shall be May 10th of the current year with all payments due as specified on the Softball BC invoice

Rick Benson

Article 12.3 b) iv)

Pickup of U19 aged players

U19 aged players in all classifications as third year birthdates may play in either Minor or Senior programming.

First year birthdates may not be used as call-up players or register in Senior Programs. Once minor obligations are complete for the season, all U19 players are eligible to participate in Senior programs including as pickups, if proof of minor obligations is confirmed and parental consent form is approved.

 Katrina Bull

Article 14.7 c) iii)

Format of Senior Women Provincial Championships

Provincial championship format for all Senior Women categories – all teams will play a 2 game round robin series with all teams advancing into a double knockout championship round.

This format will follow as laid out in the Softball BC Handbook with a single knockout final. Hosts must guarantee that games will start no earlier than 4:00 pm on Friday and that the final championship game will be scheduled for not later than 4:00 pm on Sunday.

 Dan Coates

Article 16.2 c)

Senior A Women – Provincial Championships

Senior A Women Provincial Championship entry fee increased to $470.00.

At the Senior A Women’s Fastpitch Provincial Championship $100 per team from entry fees is allocated to the host club/association to offset costs relating to the championship, which includes $50 per team to put into prize money. Medals for 1st, 2nd and 3 rd will be given out but not prizes. Prize money will be given out as follows:

1st: 50%

2nd: 30%

3rd: 20%

 Dan Coates

Motions Presented and Carried from the Floor

Article 12.4 v)

Any team placing 1st in a provincial championship moves up one classification, if playing in the same category and having 6 or more returning players to the team in the following year. As well, this move in classification must be approved by the Minor Director.

Former rule stated that teams placing 1st, 2 nd or 3rd in a provincial championship must move up a classification.

 Katrina Bull