Premier’s Athletic Awards

The Sport and Community Development Branch in Partnership with the BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum

Nomination Deadline October 22.

Eligibility for Nomination

Program Description

The Premier’s Athletic Awards recognize the top Male and Female athletes from 50 sports participating in the BC Athlete Assistance program. Each Athlete has been nominated by their provincial sport organization based on outstanding performance, and other achievement in their sport during the competitive period of the past year.

The Premier’s Athletic Awards and Reception are hosted annually by the BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum, each athletes photo and achievement are displayed on a commemorative plaque, and displayed at the Hall of Fame during the year.

A province wide news release announcing the Awards and listing the athletes by community is distributed and each community media receives profiles of their respective athlete with the news release including photos of the Premier and the athlete. This program is managed and delivered by the Ministry of Small Business, Tourism and Culture- Sport and Community Development Brach in partnership with the BC Sports Hall of Fame and Museum.

Program Objective

To provide a forum for increasing the exposure of amateur sport in British Columbia and to recognize athletes from around the Province and their outstanding athletic achievements.


  • Only eligible sports within the BC Athlete assistance program (AAP)
  • One female athlete per sport
  • One Male Athlete per sport
  • Based on sport specific criteria or performance and other achievements during the competitive period, September 1st through August 31st of the nominating year.
  • Must be a recipient of the AAP support in the nominating year.

Program Responsibilities

  • PSO are responsible for the establishment of sport specific selection criteria (i.e. top performance, most inspirational, comeback athlete). This is the responsibility of the AAP Selection Committee in each sport.
  • PSOs are responsible for nominating only eligible athletes.
  • PSOs are responsible to inform each respective athlete that they have been nominated to receive the Premier’s Athletic Award.
  • PSOs are responsible to ensure that all nomination forms are completed in full and any additional documents are attached tot he nomination form.
  • PSOs are responsible to submit nominations annually to ensure the nomination is received by the deadline.
  • Athletes are responsible to attend the Awards event. In the case that this is not possible, recipients are responsible to comply with the Branch correspondence and forward a 5X7-studio quality portrait photo of them for inclusion in the BC Sports Hall of Fame display.
  • The Branch is responsible to review and approve all nominations prior to the announcements of award recipients, and to deliver the program.