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Are you interested in becoming a Competition – Introduction Certified Coach?

Competition – Introduction Certification, also known as Level II Certification in the old NCCP system, has a few requirements, but the process is not as hard as you might think! First, the coach must attend the Competition – Introduction Weekend #1 clinic. This is a two-day clinic hosted by various associations throughout British Columbia. This clinic is typically hosted over a weekend and includes around 15-18 hours of total instruction covering topics like the following:

  • Role of the Coach
  •  Throwing
  •  Base Running
  •  Sliding
  • Teaching and Learning in Softball
  •  Fielding Techniques
  •  Practice Planning
  •  Catching
  • Making Ethical Decisions
  • Hitting and Bunting
  • Rule of the game
  •  Pitching
  • Offensive and Defensive Strategies
  • Practical - Self-Evaluation

After attending the Weekend #1 Clinic, it is recommended that you complete your Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation – Competition – Introduction. This is completed on the Coaches Association of Canada website database, The Locker ( You must login using your NCCP number and password. Please be aware of which Online Evaluation you are taking, as there are four different evaluations. At this point, you want to complete the Competition – Introduction Online Evaluation. After completing both the Weekend #1 Clinic and the MED Online Evaluation, your status in The Locker is Competition – Introduction “In-Training.”

Now, you will want to attend a Competition – Introduction Weekend #2 clinic. Again, this is a two-day clinic typically hosted over a weekend and includes 15-18 hours of total instruction covering topics like the following:

  • How to analyze performance
  • How to analyze specific skills
  • Multiple types of Bunting
  •  Signal Systems
  •  Advanced hitting
  •  Advanced catching
  • In depth offensive and defensive strategy
  •  Pitching
  • Coaching Portfolio and Assessment
  • Sliding and base running
  • Question and answer session
  • Practical - Peer-Evaluation

At this point, if you have not already completed your MED online Evaluation, you need to do so via The Locker. You do not have to do this twice; only once for the Competition – Introduction stream. After attending the Weekend #1 clinic, the Weekend #2 clinic, and completing the MED online evaluation for Competition – Introduction, your status in The Locker is Competition – Introduction “Trained.”

Most competitive coaches have already completed the above steps, but in order to compete at a Canadian Championship or a Western Canadian Championship, teams must have a Competition – Introduction “Certified” coach on the roster and that coach must be present at all games of the tournament.

To go from Competition – Introduction “Trained” to “Certified” coaches need to submit their Softball Canada – Regional Coach Portfolio and receive an on-field evaluation. Submitting your Coach Portfolio can be done via email to the Softball BC Program Coordinator as a PDF to This portfolio is given to all coaches at the Weekend #1 and Weekend #2 Clinics, and it is also available by clicking on the link above on this page. This is a 30-page document, and will contain important information about yourself, your staff and volunteers, and the team you are coaching. For example, the portfolio will/could include most of the following information:

 Section 1:

  •  Coach Information
  •  Coaching Resume
  •  Coaching Philosophy
  •  Coaching Goals
  • Coaching Professional Development

 Section 2:

  •  League Contacts
  • Coaching Staff and Volunteer Info
  •  Player Information
  • Player Medical Information
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Example of Parent Meeting Agenda
  •  Team Goals
  • Player Individual Goals
  • Team Selection Plan

 Section 3:

  • Yearly Practice Plan
  • Competition and Practice schedule
  •  Practice Plans
  • Player and Coach Assessment Plan
  • Competition Plan and Reports
  • Athlete and Team Progress Reports
  • Athlete and Team Performance Assessment
  •  Communication Documents
  • Observation(s) of other coaches
  • Proof of MED Online Evaluation
  • Log Book and/or Journal

After the Coach Portfolio is submitted to the Program Coordinator, it will be given to one of our NCCP Evaluators. They will contact your directly or via the Program Coordinator with any questions, concerns or changes that need to be made to your portfolio. Once the Coach Portfolio is approved by the evaluator (usually will take 1-2 days), an on-field evaluation will be scheduled based on the coach's practice schedule and the evaluator's availability. Next, a Practice Plan will need to be submitted to the evaluator prior to the evaluation. Please review the document above, "On-field Evaluation and Section A for Coaches." You will need to have a minimum of nine athletes present at your practice (keep in mind, you can “borrow” athletes from another team if you do not have enough from your team), and you will need to run a 75-90 minute practice that includes an introduction, a dynamic warm-up, throwing, fielding ground balls, base running, along with hitting and/or bunting. All aspects of the practice must be completed on the field, and the evaluator will be present throughout. After the practice, the coach and evaluator will have a meeting to review how the practice went. You can review the Evaluation Tool the Evaluator will be using, see document above on this page. Coaches will know immediately whether they passed the evaluation. At this point all documents/evaluations will be submitted to the Program Coordinator at Softball BC who puts the ‘event’ in the Locker. Softball Canada and the CAC will then approve the ‘event.’ Now the coach’s status in The Locker will show Competition – Introduction “Certified.”

In summary, to become Competition – Introduction Certified, a coach must complete the following:

  1. Attend a Competition – Introduction Weekend #1 Clinic

  2. Complete the Making Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation – Competition – Introduction

  3. Attend a Competition – Introduction Weekend #2 Clinic

  4. Submit Softball Canada Regional Coach Portfolio to Softball BC's Program Coordinator and pay the fee of $150 to Softball BC.

  5. Schedule an on-field evaluation with Softball BC Evaluator.

  6. Compete and submit a Practice Plan and Section A to the Evaluator prior to scheduled on-field evaluation.

  7. Receive on-field Evaluation from Softball BC Evaluator

  8. Follow up with the Program Coordinator to confirm all documents were received and the event was approved in The Locker by Softball BC, Softball Canada, and the CAC

Please contact Jackie Desilets, the Program Coordinator ( if you would like to become Competition – Introduction Certified or if you have any questions concerning the process discussed above!