In support of associations facilitating a Timbits Program in 2020, Softball BC has created a list of resources that associations can access for free. If an association wishes to access the resources, Softball BC encourages the Timbits Programmer Coordinator or Coach Coordinator to contact Michael Smith, Softball BC’s Technical Coordinator at

List of resources for each association includes:

  1. Access to a Softball BC’s Google Drive Coaching Resource Library, which includes the following
    • Modified Timbits Softball Activities
  2. Note associations are encouraged to contribute their modified activities and/or practice plans to the library
    • Softball Canada’s Modified Timbits Softball Activities
    • Coach Toolkit that includes:
  1. Emergency Action Plan Tips, Templates and Examples
  2. Planning Practices Tips, Templates and Examples
  • Working with Parents Tips, Templates and Examples
    • Softball BC’s Return to Play Plan
  1. Two Learn to Coach coaching manuals for each association facilitating a 2020 Timbits program
    • Manuals will be shipped free of charge to the Timbits Program Coordinator or Association President
  2. Two free online Foundations of Coaching Softball Part 1 Module for each association facilitating a 2020 Timbits program
    • Coaching clinics should be allocated to Timbits Coaches
  3. One two-hour modified provincial-wide Learn to Coach Best Practice Zoom meeting for Timbits Coaches

Foundations of Coaching

 Foundations of Coaching Softball (FOCS) is Softball Canada’s first online National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) module. It introduces new and experienced coaches to the foundational skills of coaching and softball-specific coaching concepts, such as: developing a coaching philosophy, Long-Term Player Development (LTPD), working with players and their parents, the coaching process, and player safety.

Who is it for?

  • Parents new to coaching
  • New coaches
  • Players transitioning to coaching
  • Coaches entering the NCCP Softball Community Sport Stream

What will coaches learn?

  • Use strategies to work effectively with players and their parents.
  • Describe their personal coaching philosophy.
  • Describe Softball Canada’s LTPD Stages.
  • Assess risks during practice sessions.