The coaching staff and Softball BC are pleased to announce the list of athletes who have been selected to represent Team BC Men’s Softball at the Canada Summer Games. The roster has been finalized after 50 athletes attended three identification camps held in Surrey (2) and Prince George since September 2016. Thank you to all athletes who participated in our identification process!

The 2017 roster includes 2 returning Team BC alumni from the 2011 Western Canada Summer Games, and 3 gold medalists from the 2015 NAIG Games.

The 15 athletes who will represent Team BC Men’s Softball are:

1. Brendan Alec

2. Josh Anderson

3. Charlie Andrews

4. Brendon Donegan

5. Shayne Forshner

6. Tyson Ghostkeeper

7. Isaac Goodwill

8. Logan Groves

9. Brandon Larsen

10. Tyler Makaoff

11. Santana McKay

12. Nicholas Potskin

13. Jerricko Prince

14. Joseph Rybicki

15. Clint Taylor

Coaching Staff:

Kevin Weir, Head Coach

Sandro Simicic, Assistant Coach

Melanie Atkinson, Team Manager