Long-term Player Development Stages

Children, youth and adults need to do the right things at the right time to develop in their sport or activity – whether they want to be hockey players, dancers, figure skaters or gymnasts. Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) describes the things players need to be doing at specific ages and stages.


Active Start -- From 0-6 years, boys and girls need to be engaged in daily active play. Through play and movement, they develop the fundamental movement skills.

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Fundamentals (6-9 years old) -- In the FUNdamentals stage (6-9 years), participants develop fundamental movement skills in structured and unstructured environments for play.  The focus is on providing fun, inclusive, multisport, and developmentally appropriate sport and physical activity.

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Learn to Train (10-12 years old) – Video -- Once a wide range of fundamental movement skills have been acquired, participants progress into the Learn to Train stage leading to understanding basic rules, tactics and strategy in games and refinement

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Train to Train (13-16 years old) – Video -- Players enter the Train to Train stage when they have developed proficiency in the player development performance components (physical, technical-tactical, mental, and emotional). Rapid physical growth, the development of sporting capability and commitment occurs in this stage. Players will generally specialize in one sport towards the end of the stage.  A progression from local to provincial competition occurs over the course of the stage.

Train to Compete (17-23 years old) -- Video -- Players enter the Train to Compete stage when they are proficient in sport-specific Train to Train player development components (physical, technical-tactical, mental, and emotional). Players are training nearly full-time and competing at the national level while being introduced to international competition.

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Train to Win (19+ years or older) -- Players in the Train to Win stage are world class competitors who are competing at the highest level of competition in the world (e.g. Olympics, Paralympics, World Championships, World Cups)

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Active for Life (All ages) -- Individuals who have a desire to be physically active are in the Active for Life stage. A participant may choose to be Competitive for Life or Fit for Life and, if inclined, give back as a sport or physical activity leader.



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