The Softball BC Screening Policy for Member Organizations’ Members and Staff (also referred to as Softball BC Screening Policy) applies to all Softball BC directors and every volunteer or employee of Softball BC or an affiliated Softball BC Organization, age 19 or over, who at any time could be expected in the performance of their duties to:

i) Be entrusted with performing financial duties;

ii) Be responsible for book keeping or bank account(s) or any other monetary duties;

iii) Be with any vulnerable person or minor aged person (must have on file the results of a Vulnerable Sector Check).

Not all personnel/associations with Softball BC will be required to undergo screening through a CRC and a Screening Disclosure Form, as not all positions pose a risk of harm to Softball BC or to its affiliated organizations. Softball BC will determine which Designated Categories of Personnel will be subject to screening.

CRC and Screening Disclosure Forms are required for the following ‘Designated Categories’ who work closely with athletes or officials and who occupy positions of trust and authority within Softball BC and its affiliated Softball BC organizations:

a) Softball BC Directors or Association Executives

b) Coaches, Managers, Trainers

c) Officials and Umpires

d) Employees or paid staff

e) Umpire Clinic Instructors

f) Any other position(s), whether paid or volunteer, that involves interaction with minor participants.

In lieu of a CRC, Personnel under the age of 18 who wish to apply for Designated Positions may submit a Screening Disclosure Form and a letter of reference from someone in a leadership position in softball, including coaches, administrators, or other Personnel. Such Personnel submitting a Screening Disclosure Form and reference letter in lieu of a CRC must be supervised by an adult and should not be placed in a leadership position.

The approved agencies for Criminal Record Checks are:

1. My Backcheck –

2. Local municipal police department

 3. RCMP

4. Criminal Record Review Programme (information available from Softball BC or Association)

a. See Appendix B for information on registering your association with the Ministry of Justice.

The CRC fee is determined by the provider. Softball BC will not be responsible for costs incurred to obtain a Criminal Record Check.