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Investor’s Group Community Coaching Grants -- Calling all organizations, big and small! Are you hosting an event that will educate and develop coaches or coach developers in your community? The Investors Group Community Coaching Grant program has grants available for organizations that bring coaches and coach developers of community-based sports together under one roof to learn, train, and network with each other. Check out the information below to see if your event is eligible!


District 1

Victoria Foundation - The foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life in southern Vancouver Island through the creation and management of funds gifted in perpetuity, and the distribution of their earnings for charitable purposes including social services, culture, health and education.

Community Grants

District 2

Grants-in-Aid -- Grants for social, cultural, recreational, special events services are provided by Town Council on behalf of residents of the Town of Ladysmith. Only non-profit organizations are eligible for Civic Grants for these services. Applications for Grants will be received for both new programs and existing services.

Sport Travel Grant -- The City of Nanaimo provides a contingency account to assist amateur groups and individuals to travel to a Regional, National or International Championship. These funds are available to sports and cultural groups qualifying for Regional, Provincial or National competitions. Requests will be considered on a first-come, first- served basis, as funds remain available. Preference will be given to multi-day events.

When completing this form please provide ALL the information requested, paying particular attention to the submission of a budget outlining revenues and expenditures for the proposed trip. The current policy provides up to $100 per person (to a maximum of $2,000 per group) for travel outside of B.C., or $50 per person (to a maximum of $1,000 per group) for travel off Vancouver Island but within B.C.

Nanaimo Community Foundation - With hopes of assisting in the positive development of the local community, the Nanaimo Community Foundation has set the following goals: to develop awareness, respect and appreciation of the arts; to support initiatives within Nanaimo that promote full access to services for children and their families; to assist in making the lifelong learning experience positive, accessible, exciting and practical; to promote health enhancing attitudes and behaviours in young people.

Electoral Area 'A' Recreation and Culture Grants-In-Aid -- The Electoral Area 'A' Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission has a Grant-in-Aid Program that is targeted towards local community organizations providing recreation and culture services within Electoral Area 'A'.

District 69 Recreation Grants Program -- To provide funds on a District-wide basis to organizations requesting financial assistance to offer recreation programs, special events or projects, which would benefit specific communities or the District as a whole; either youth specific (11-18 years) or to other populations.

Sport Hosting Grant -- Tourism Nanaimo has a budget of $20,000 annually to assist groups hosting sporting events and tournaments (defined as a series of games or athletic contests) through its sport event hosting grants program.

Event hosting grants are primarily intended to support sport organizations hosting smaller-scale events at a local, regional and inter-regional level that are hosted in Nanaimo & Region.

Hospital Grants -- Program supports the growth of overnight visitation to Nanaimo through the development of festivals and events, including sporting events.

Grant-in-Aid -- The City of Parksville may provide direct financial assistance to community groups and organizations for events and projects which will benefit the citizens and visitors of the municipality contingent upon provisions being included in the annual operating budget.

Parksville-Qualicum Community Foundation - A permanent collection of endowed funds for the long term benefit of the community. The foundation supports a broad range of charitable activities that address the emerging and changing community needs and opportunities, through local charitable organizations.

Community Investment Program -- The CIP was established in 2011 to replace the former Grants in Aid Program and provides assistance to not-for-profit organizations to enhance their ability to provide programs, services or activities that benefit the citizens of Port Alberni.

“Recreation/Amateur Sport” – those activities and experiences in which an individual chooses to participate in his/her leisure time and includes but is not limited to, athletic, artistic, physical, historical, natural science, cultural, social and intellectual activities.

Alberni Valley Community Foundation - This community foundation provides grants to local charities to help fund local projects. Grants are usually in the $500 - $5,000 range, and often in areas such as arts and culture, education, health and physical activity, social services, and the environment. The foundation considers both program and capital funding.

District 3

Sport & Event Attraction and Expansion Grant Program -- The Sport and Event Attraction and Expansion Grant Program offers financial support to 2016 festivals and local organizations hosting events in the Comox Valley in 2016. It is intended that this fund will provide the stimulus and funds to assist organizations to bid on, create, expand, host, market, and administer events that can demonstrate attracting out of town visitors.

Comox Valley Community Foundation - This BC community foundation supports a wide range of community projects & offers a lasting way for residents of the Comox Valley area to contribute to the betterment of their region.

District 4

Sunshine Coast Community Foundation -- SCCF provides support to charitable organizations from Port Mellon to Egmont. The pooled endowments are used for making strategic grants and inspiring community leadership.

Bowen Island Community Foundation - Our mission is to enrich the quality of life on Bowen Island by providing a way for individuals and organizations with varied interests and levels of giving to contribute back to their community, both during and after their lifetime.

Sport Travel Community Grants -- Travel-related expenses associated with participating in high-level sporting events such as provincial or national championships.

North Shore Community Foundation -- Administer capital that generates income to fund social, cultural, recreational and educational initiatives that directly benefit the residents of the North Shore.

West Vancouver Community Foundation - The West Vancouver Community Foundation is a reflection of the great value that individuals, families, and businesses place on West Vancouver, its heritage, its people and its communities. Since 1979, when the Foundation was established, donors have helped create a charitable endowment of over $10 million, the income from which supports non-profit organizations, community projects, and scholarships, today and into the future.

District 5

Richmond Athlete Fund -- The purpose of the grant is to provide financial assistance to Richmond residents performing in a sporting competition at a Provincial or higher standard.

Grant applications must be completed and forwarded through a representative on the local Executive of the governing sports or recreation association. This representative is responsible for co-ordinating the submission of all applications from their association members, and reviewing and certifying that all provided information is complete and accurate.

Richmond Parks and Recreation Community Events  --

Richmond Sport Hosting Grants -- The Richmond Sport Hosting Incentive Grant Program has assisted over 250 events to date and continues to partner with event organizers to provide financial support and help elevate events across the city. It is our desire to make Richmond the best location to hold sport events in Canada and we are here to help support you.

Vancouver Sport Hosting Grants -- The Vancouver Sport Hosting grant provides financial support for sporting events that have the potential to bring direct or indirect economic, social, health, and community development benefits to Vancouver.

Vancouver Fieldhouse Activation Program -- The Vancouver Park Board's Fieldhouse Activation Program provides you or your group with space in a fieldhouse and access to parks to create activities that engage the community.

By repurposing underused space in fieldhouses into small community spaces, this program aims to: Animate our neighbourhoods with place-based activities focused on one or more of our priority themes:

 1. Arts

 2. Culture

 3. Sport

 4. Environment

5. Local food

District 6

Burnaby Sport Hosting Grant Grant offers financial support of up to $5,000 to local, provincial, national and international sport organizations that host a sporting event in Burnaby. The grant will also provide support for non-profit organizations to bid, host, promote and administer new sporting events in the city.

Executive Committee of Council Grants -- The Executive Committee of Council advises on the provision of grants to help cultural, athletic and volunteer assistance groups that provide a service or promote activities that are beneficial to Burnaby.

Festivals Burnaby Community Festival and Events Grant This initiative provides funding to eligible organizations in Burnaby to support existing events and festivals or to initiate new events, festivals and projects in the community. These could be neighbourhood initiatives, events within specific areas of the city and / or citywide or regional events.

Spirit of Coquitlam Grant Program -- The City provides annual grants to non-profit, community-based organizations. Its intent is to build community spirit by providing community grant funds for public art, sport activities/programs, festivals and events, 125th Celebration sanctioned events, sports hosting, capital projects and new initiatives aligned with the City's strategic goals.

The Amateur Sport Fund Grants -- designed to support the New Westminster youth sport organizations to assist with increasing participation in all sport activities, skill development, competition and the providing of volunteer opportunities. Eligible projects can include new equipment, assistance for the development of new programs or the hosting of clinics, seminars or tournaments.

The Festival Grant Program Grant -- provides funding to New Westminster-based organizations to support existing and new festivals in the community. These could be neighbourhood initiatives, events within specific areas of the city and/or citywide or regional events. Events must align with the City’s values for a healthy and vibrant community enhancing the quality of life, tourism, culture, recreation and providing economic benefits to the local economy.

Port Moody Foundation - The Port Moody Foundation builds endowments in partnership with the community to preserve and enhance the quality of life today and in the future for residents of Port Moody. Through the growth of endowment funds, they award grants to local charitable organizations in support of cultural, environmental, ecological, and recreational activities within the Port Moody.

Port Moody Youth Scholarship -- The City of Port Moody will be awarding one $1,000.00 scholarship grant to a Port Moody Senior Secondary student. The awarding of Scholarship Grants to high school students will be made and evaluated on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Port Moody Resident or Student;
  • Leadership in and contributions to the school/community;
  • Excellence in academics, athletics, arts or technical education;
  • Financial need; and
  • Good academic Standing (B Average).

District 7

Standard Community Grants

District 8

Abbotsford Community Foundation -- This community foundation supports a range of programs and activities in the Abbotsford, area.

Grants for Significant Events and Festivals --Grants provided to non-profit community organizations to offset City costs for staging of events, festivals and sporting events. Grants are provided to groups who can demonstrate, through the event, that they provide significant economic benefit and/ or community pride to Abbotsford.

Sport Hosting Grants -- The purpose of sport hosting grants is to provide funding to organizations hosting sporting events; recognizing that these events increase the economic impact and overnight visitation from sport tourism to Abbotsford and area while promoting the development of local athletes, coaches and volunteers.

Community Grants – Sport Tourism included. 2017 Community Grant Applications are due on or before December 15th, 2016.

Sport Langley Sport Hosting Incentive Program -- Funding is granted based on the competition level of the event and will vary up to a maximum of $5,000. To become involved in this program, view the guidelines and download the application.

Community Grant -- The Township awards grants annually to non-profit groups and organizations serving the municipality and its residents. Applications for funding of special events/projects must demonstrate the benefit to the Township, must involve local residents, and should be held in the Township, or for the benefit of a majority of Township residents. These special events/projects should promote the identity of Langley and enhance the quality of life for its residents. The maximum grant in this category is $2,500.

Neighbourhood Initiative Program -- The Neighbourhood Initiative Program recognizes the need to assist communities in developing recreational opportunities for their park locations on a cost-sharing basis with the Township. The Township will contribute funds to a maximum of $5,000 per project or 50 percent of the total cost of the project, whichever is lesser.

Sport Hosting Incentive Program Application -- The Sport Hosting Incentive Program is designed to encourage Langley's sport organizations, through limited financial assistance, to host provincial, western Canadian, national, and international amateur sport events within the Township and City of Langley.

District 9

Community Sport Development Grant -- T he Community Sport Delivery Program (CSDP) has been created to support the staffing needs (i.e. Head Coach, Administrator) of Local Sport Organizations and assist in the delivery of local sport participation and performance initiatives. This grant will fund paid positions to ensure the provision of a wide range of programs and services to athletes, coaches, and volunteers from the grassroots to competitive levels that align with the Canadian Sport For Life (CS4L) Model.

Sport Education Grant -- Supported by the Kelowna 2008 BC Summer Games Legacy Fund, the Sport Education Grant is designed to provide financial assistance to local coaches or officials interested in upgrading their training and/or certification beyond introductory levels. The Grant can also be used for local sport organizations to host advanced sport development courses/seminars for local coaches and officials.

Athletic Excellence Grant -- The Athletic Excellence Grant has been established to assist high performance athletes or teams with the travel-related expenses associated with participating in high-level sporting events such as provincial or national championships.

KidSportTM Grant -- KidSport™ is a community based sport-funding program established in 1993 by Sport BC. KidSport™ provides grants for children ages 6 – 18 to participate in a sport season of their choice.

Central Okanagan Foundation - The Central Okanagan Foundation is a community based volunteer organization which exists to preserve and foster philanthropy by providing a medium for all, regardless of their means, to put something back into the community in perpetuity.

Foord Family Foundation - Based in Vernon, BC, the Foord Family Foundation is a private family foundation that supports Canadian registered charities whose initiatives improve the quality of life for children & youth.

District 10

Columbia Basin Trust - CBT works closely with people who live in the Basin to develop and deliver programs and initiatives that respond to their needs and support communities.

Project or Special Event Grant –

Municipal Grant Opportunities -- The Governance and Operations Committee administers applications from local organizations requesting either cash grants or rental waivers for City equipment and facilities. This program is available to support groups active in the enrichment of community life.

District 11

Tournament Capital Grant -- Only amateur sports organizations/individuals are eligible. Events must utilize services/facilities within the City of Kamloops. For two championships held for the same sport on the same date (i.e. boys & girls tournaments), then that event is eligible for one grant only.

The maximum amount allocated provided funds are available, will be:

1. Provincial Tournament (participants from BC) - $500

2. Western Canadian Tournament (participants from BC, AB, SK & MB) - $1,000

3. National Tournament (participants from Canada) - $1,500

4. Invitational Tournament (participants from out of town) - $1500

BC Summer Games Sport Development Grant -- The BC Summer Games Sport Development Grant will be available to local coaches, officials and sport organizations interested in furthering their knowledge in their respective areas. Examples may include: a Level III coach pursuing Level IV certification; an Umpire taking training to learn to instruct other Umpires; a sport organization presenting a high-profile "Keynote Speaker" that might be of value to numerous individuals.

KidSport Kamloops Fund -- KidSport Funds will be utilized for uniforms, gear/equipment required for sport and registration fees. For example: baseball leagues, gymnastic clubs, track and field clubs, hockey and swim clubs. Annual grants range up to $500, depending on the nature of the application. Award maximums are per child per year.

Winter Games Legacy Fund -- Grants are to cover circumstances where a person or group advances beyond local competition, or is recruited to a provincial or nationally ranked team.

Grants In-kind, Financial Aid and Sponsorship Grants -- These grants will be available to a non-profit community group on the basis that it provides a valuable program to the community and it is unable to raise all of its required funding without City assistance.

District 12

Grants of Assistance -- Cariboo Regional District gives Grants for Assistance to groups and organizations that provide a demonstrated benefit to the community.

Prince George Community Foundation -T he foundation administers a permanent fund built and continually increased by donations from individuals and corporations. It funds a wide range of community projects.

Kids Sport --

Prince George Municipal Travel Grants -- In an attempt to assist local artists, artisans, athletes, individuals and organizations to participate in wholesome arts, cultural, amateur recreation and sport activity and competition, at the Zone, Regional, Provincial, Western Canadian, National and International level, the City of Prince George will endeavor to provide supplementary travel grant assistance, to help offset the cost of participating as representatives of the City of Prince George.

Sport Tourism Grants – Please contact Prince George Tourism directly for help.

Quesnel Community Foundation - The Quesnel Community Foundation supports a wide range of projects that are of demonstrated benefit to area residents. Funded activities provide a direct service to the community, or take an innovative approach to addressing changing needs and concerns within the North Cariboo region.

Grants-in-aid -- On an annual basis, the City of Williams Lake (City) provides Grants-in-Aid to local non-profit organizations for projects, activities and events that strengthen and enhance the well-being of the community, promote volunteerism and support the goals and priorities of the City of Williams Lake.

Sport Events Hosting Grant -- Our goal as a community is to grow existing events as well as to attract new events and bring new opportunities to Williams Lake, helping to diversify the local economy and serve as a catalyst for both sport and cultural development.

District 13

Grant in Aid Assistance Policy – To provide grants to community groups. Non-profit registered societies, organizations, Recreation Commissions, for cultural, charitable, sporting, recreational, service activities and special events for the purpose of benefiting the community.

Bulkley Valley Community Foundation - The Bulkley Valley Community Foundation strives to improve quality of life in the surrounding communities by awarding grants generated through responsibly managed donations and legacies to local organizations.

Sport Travel Grant -- To encourage youth in our community to pursue leisure programs of their choice in arts, athletics and personal development.

Event Grant -- To assist volunteer/non-profit organizations in the promotion of special events, tournaments and workshops that provide economic, cultural and social benefit to the community.

Major New Event Sponsorship -- To assist organizations and to provide opportunities for hosting major events such as tournaments and cultural activities that will provide a significant economic benefit to our community.

District of Kitimat Initiated Events -- To provide opportunities to host a major event such as a tournament and/or cultural activity which would result in significant economic or social benefit to our community.

Community Enhancement Grant -- The City of Prince Rupert provides financial assistance (cash and ‘in kind’) to various Community Groups through the Community Enhancement Grant process.

The Prince Rupert Foundation -- The Prince Rupert Regional Community Foundation was the 120th community foundation established in Canada. Since 2001, The Prince Rupert Community Foundation (PRRCF) has been committed to working with other agencies, foundations and organizations to increase the level of charitable giving within the communities of Prince Rupert and those located within the Skeena-Queen Charlotte Regional District of British Columbia.

Port of Prince Rupert Community Investment Fund – The Fund support that sports, recreation, performing arts, healthcare, education, the environment and other needs in the community.

Municipal Request for Fee Waiver/ In-Kind Services

Terrace Community Foundation -- We provide grants to community groups and organizations that cover a broad spectrum of needs that include (but are not limited to) recreation, health, the arts, the environment, education etc.

District 14

Municipal Grassroots Grant -- Grassroots Grants are limited to $300 and are available to community event organizers planning a first-time, new community event.

Maple Ridge Community Foundation -- The Maple Ridge Community Foundation is a public foundation established by, and for, the people of Maple Ridge. We work to make giving easy by providing ways to connect donors with causes that matter in their own community and by facilitating individual, corporate and foundation philanthropy.

Pitt Meadows Foundation --As well as providing support for community education, culture and the arts, athletics, recreation and social services, the Foundation also maintains some dedicated funds for specified purposes.

Mission Community Foundation – Funds used to benefit of the citizens of the Mission area, in the fields of education, recreation, culture, and the humanities.

Municipally Funded Grant -- Funding provides grants in support of Mission based community groups engaged in arts, cultural, recreational or social services activities.

District 15

Delta Foundation –

Gymworks PacificSport Pass -- This pass is part of a provincial program with PacificSport (the BC branch of the Canadian Sport Institute), which allows free access for provincially and nationally carded athletes to Sungod, Ladner Leisure, South Delta Recreation Centre and Winskill Aquatic and Fitness Centre.