I will make sure that every athlete has a reasonable opportunity to perform to the best of his or her ability, within the limits of the rules.

I will avoid or put an end to any situation that threatens the safety of the athletes.

I will maintain a healthy atmosphere and environment for competition.

I will not permit the intimidation of any athlete either by word or by action. I will not tolerate unacceptable conduct toward myself, other officials, athletes or spectators.

I will be consistent and objective in calling all infractions, regardless of my personal feelings toward a team or individual athlete.

I will handle all conflicts firmly but with dignity.

I accept my role as a teacher and role model for fair play, especially with young participants.

I will be open to discussion and contact with the athletes before and after the game.

I will remain open to constructive criticism and show respect and consideration for different points of view.

I will obtain proper training and continue to upgrade my officiating skills.