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 Annex A Minor Provincial Championship Draws 

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Updates as of May 20, 2022


Page 86 Article 8.6.g)  iii)  a five run maximum rule shall apply in half innings up to andincluding the 3rd inning. Subsequent innings shall be open. 

The following exception should have been deleted “Exception U15C, U17C and U20C. A five run maximum rule shall apply in half innings up to and including the 5th inning.”  This change will be reflected in future versions of the Handbook.

NEW for 2022 - Minor aged players registered on a Men’s or Women’s team

Minor aged players registered on a Men’s or Women’s team may be picked up for a Minor Provincial if they are the appropriate age. The player will be a pickup and the Pickup Approval Form is required to be signed by the Men’s and Women’s Coordinator and the Minor Coordinator to ensure that the player being picked up is in the appropriate category and classification.   

Article 7 Minor Fastpitch Rules - Dropped Third Strike

The Dropped Third Strike rule for U13C has been deleted and will no longer apply for the 2022 season.   This complies with Article 8.1 Minor Girls - Definitions g. Dropped Third Strike - in U13B & C and under categories the batter is out on the third strike, whether or not the ball is caught. The ball remains live. 

Annex E Minor Pickup Chart error

There is an error in the Minor Pickup Chart in the 2022 handbook.  The column indicating where U15B teams can pick up from has U13A checked and it should be an X.   B teams cannot pickup A players.


MINOR SOFTBALL RULES 2022 (applies to boys and girls)

Softball Canada has a plan to systematically develop players once they enter the sport up until they reach their full potential. This process is called Long-Term Player Development (LTPD). The LTPD guidelines are an important step in aligning player development and program development across the country and our province, at all levels and for all ages. Softball BC’s minor softball rules follow the guidelines of the LTPD model and the Athlete Development Matrix set out by Softball Canada. These rules apply to U9, U11 and U13 and cannot be altered.  The rules for U13 do not apply for U13A and U13B for the 2022 season only. 

In addition to any other rules in the handbook, the following rules also apply to U9 to U13. CLICK HERE TO VIEW PDF  



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