Suspension List

As of December 2, 2020 (reviewed monthly)

The following list of people are all presently under suspension from membership with Softball BC.

These individuals may not participate in any faction of Softball in which Softball BC members are involved.

Please report any involvement these people may have within the sport.

DISCIPLINE (Misconduct, Umpire Abuse, Fraud, Non-Compliance)  
 Name  City  Suspended  Duration
Davies, Chris Richmond May 15, 2017  LIFE
 Johnson, Cal  Barriere  December, 1981  LIFE
 O’Connal, Vince  Prince George  June, 1981  LIFE
 Shoemaker, Ray  Kelowna June 3, 1995  INDEFINITELY
 Porcellato, Jim  Sooke  November, 2002  INDEFINITELY
 Cullen, Evan   Abbotsford November 3, 2017 INDEFINITELY
 Andrews, Don  Kamloops November 2, 2016  INDEFINITELY
 Tom, Russell Nanaimo April 15, 2019 INDEFINITELY
DeShannon, Travis District 9 November 1, 2020 October 31, 2021


Members listed below may not engage in Softball BC related coaching roles while under suspension.  This would include coaching softball games, practices, individual or group clinics/camps, but this list is not exhaustive.  The members listed below are NOT suspended from other Softball BC activities, including playing, officiating or administrative duties

 Name  City   Suspended from Coaching until

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