Hall of Fame Committee

Hall of Fame Committee

Chair: Lisa Parkes

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Committee Members

  • Dennis Bidin
  • Terrie Cruly
  • Brian Van Os
  • Jackie Dugger


Terms of Reference

General Responsibilities

  • The committee will be responsible for soliciting and reviewing all potential nominations for inclusion to the Softball BC Hall of Fame. The committee will ensure all applications are considered, based on a set of criteria developed by this committee and approved by the current board of directors of the BCASA. Such criteria will be reviewed and ratified no less than every five (5) years.


  • The committee chair shall be appointed annually by the President, and no less than two (2) and no more than four (4) individuals with knowledge of disciplines of softball within British Columbia shall be added to the committee. These members of the committee shall have lifetime membership status within Softball BC, but do not have to be registered annually to be accepted to the committee. Individual members shall be appointed by the committee chair for a term of three (3) years. A board liaison and 1-2 BCASA staff members may also serve on this committee, they shall be appointed annually by the President.

Specific Responsibilities

  • This committee will convene as called by the chair to consider applicants nominated for the Softball BC Hall of Fame. The committee will review all new and, as appropriate, previous applications to determine their status as HOF members. They shall recommend accepting or declining new members to the HOF, as well they can declare a status of incomplete on a potential inductee. Where members of this committee determine they have insufficient information or portfolios are incomplete, they may request additional details or material before making a final decision.
  • The committee may, at their discretion, file a nomination for an inductee and recommend immediate acceptance by the board.
  • The committee shall, through the board liaison, communicate with the AGM committee, when a member is to be inducted, to ensure timelines for a Hall of Fame award are met (when the ceremony is being held in conjunction with an AGM).

Voting Protocol

  • All votes for acceptance, rejection or abstention of a potential HOF inductee shall be done by a simple majority through a show of hands. Eligible voters will include the committee chair, board liaison (who may also serve as the committee chair) and individual members. Staff representatives will not have a vote. An eligible voter who has a conflict of interest shall declare before the vote takes place and the committee chair will rule on said conflict.

Reporting Requirements

  • The committee will report to the board and COO through the board liaison and staff members.

Financial Considerations

  • The committee’s budgetary considerations will be guided by the board liaison for meeting costs. Members of the committee will be provided with complimentary tickets to all relevant HOF functions, including, but not limited to, award dinners, unveiling of commemorative plaques, banners, etc. and any other functions where the board has requested this committee be present.

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