Key Contacts for Umpires


Provincial Umpire-in-Chief (PUIC):

  • Susan Strafford

Provincial Official Development Committee (PODC):

These members will carry the title of Provincial Deputy Umpire-in-Chief. Their duties involve developing educational materials for the Softball BC Umpire’s Program, teaching at the SBC Mechanics School, assisting with the selection of umpires for Canadian and Western Canadian Championships and, working with the Provincial UIC to ensure that the umpiring program stays current with all the latest rules, mechanics and case plays.

An additional focus of the committee is to assist the Provincial District Umpire-In-Chiefs whenever they request help or require assistance with the district responsibilities.

  • Nicholas Allen -
  • Laura MacMillan -
  • Jennifer Goepel -

District Umpires-in-Chief (DUIC):

The District Umpire-in-Chief is an elected position and  represents Softball BC in each district under the direction of the Provincial Umpire-in-Chief.

The DUIC act as a liaison between the PUIC and the umpires and umpire associations in their district.

They administer all Softball BC Umpire activities within the district including clinics, evaluation, Provincial Tournaments and education of the district’s umpires. In addition, they provide rule interpretations to umpires, coaches and leagues.


 Name  Phone Number  Email


 Teresa Allen


 Shawn Miller  250-327-2067


 Karl Kurpiela  250-895-0633


 Geoff Bowring  604-505-3047


David Maandag


 Tyler Warren  604-316-2266


 Kyle Dennedy  604-807-6041


 Paul Muirhead 778-384-6081


 Jason Ranchoux  250-681-0896


Trevor Stoyko 250-608-9550 


Vacant 604-371-0302 


 Ken Edwards  250-983-2060


 Geoff Watt  250-615-2297


 Laurier Nobert 778-808-1821


 Calvin Holman  778-788-2403

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