District Minor Coordinators

Each of the fifteen geographic districts has a volunteer coordinator who conducts Softball B.C. administrative functions in their area.

They can help individuals locate teams, leagues and associations to play in. They are responsible for membership sign-up, communications, coordinating district play-downs (the first step in Provincial Championship play), and countless other areas. Contact the coordinator in your district for further information or assistance.


1 Bill Hawkins EMAIL ME
2 Al Charlesworth EMAIL ME
3 Guy Adams EMAIL ME
4 Houtan Maleki EMAIL ME
5 Baukje Edamura EMAIL ME
6 Elizabeth Lee EMAIL ME
8 Deb Vinters EMAIL ME
9 Lindsay Gablehouse  EMAIL ME
10 Margaret MacDonald EMAIL ME
11 Yvonne Dmyterko EMAIL ME
12 Andy Ferguson EMAIL ME
13 Andy Ferguson EMAIL ME
14 Chris Young EMAIL ME
15 Paula Kolisnek EMAIL ME

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